Day: December 31, 2003

  • Itty Bitty NetBSD

    RootPrompt points to a BSDnewsletter article on building NetBSD for small and embedded systems.

  • RetroBox: Cool Cheap Old Gear

    Via PCLinuxOnline, Linuxbeginner points to RetroBox.  RetroBox is a website that sells old computer gear for amazingly reasonable prices.  And by amazingly reasonable prices, I’m talking about $25 or so for a solid PII with some RAM and a decent hard drive.  It’s definitely enough to run a fairly modern Linux system on.

    They also have amazing prices on used Sparc and UltraSparc systems.  For just under or just over a hundred bucks, you can pick up a solid UltraSparc system.

    The only drawback is shipping costs.  I wonder how much gear one would have to buy to make a field trip to Columbus worthwhile…

  • jaseb’s P900

    Jason Bell’s new P900 has arrived.


  • Leo Laporte: KFI’s Tech Guy

    Leo Laporte is now going to be the tech guy for KFI 640AM  in LA.  His new gig from 12-3 on Saturday and Sunday make for a 7 day work week, but what work it is!  It’s wonderful that technology is to the point where someone can do a three hour radio broadcast from their home most of the time.

    Speaking of tech, their live stream works just fine from across the country.