New Toy^H^H^H Development Platform: Nokia 9290



From the antiquated bleeding edge department comes the announcement of my purchase of a Nokia 9290.  Despite its lack of essential things like Bluetooth and GPRS, it’s an awesome little toy, er, tool.

The 9290 that I picked up seems to be about 90% functional: it works as a phone (in such a brickish way), but the speakerphone and speaker from within the Symbian environment (the same thing, I’m sure) are not functional.

The darn thing is quite usable and super fun even without that functionality, and will probably remain so, as it looks like a major repair on this thing would involve about $175 if I sent it off to Nokia.

A few quickies for reference sake:

  • To do a really really hard reboot and format the C: drive, remove the battery, then replace it.  Open the Communicator and when the Nokia reaching out picture (that I’m sick of) comes up, hit CTRL-SHIFT-F.  It will ask if you’d like to format your C: drive.  You will have to plug the phone in or have the battery fully charged in order to do this.  On my phone, once the C: drive was formatted, I was left with just the bare essentials.  All of the stoftware that ships with the phone should be on CD you can be downloaded from Nokia.  Don’t be a moron like myself and click on each file, say yes to the EULA, and then save to my hard drive.  Scroll down to the bottom and just download the file that says ‘All Data.’
  • *#0000# will tell you your version number, just like my 3650.  I’m currently running 3.35.  5.07 is the current release.  Is there any way I can have my phone upgraded and if so is it worth it?
  • Ewan pointed me towards Psiloc, who have some excellent utilities for the Communicator, included Extended Internet which allows you to access the internet via IR from another device.  (Think 3650 GPRS -> IR -> 9290)