Day: December 11, 2003

  • Air and Space Museum Annex Opens!

    The Dulles Annex of the Air and Space Museum opens next week.

    The bulk of the annex is a giant hanger.  There is an Air France Concorde in there, as well as the Enola Gay and other historic aircraft.  We’re talking a Space Shuttle, an SR-71, and more.  It’s also another local IMAX theatre.  I’ll try to head over there at some point in the next week or two.  Of course I will moblog it.

  • Russ’ New Job

    Congrats to Russ on his new job.  Tough decisions indeed.

  • MythTV 0.13, KnoppMyth and MiniMyth

    MythTV 0.13 is out.  The new release includes a lot of bugfixes, an improved scheduler, a Konq-based browser plugin, and more.  While poking around the site, I also found two live-cd distributions that were built around MythTV: KnoppMyth and MiniMyth.  KnoppMyth is (as you probably guessed) based on Knoppix.  MiniMyth is designed to be run on the VIA Mini-ITX platform, but should run just fine on any standard hardware.  MiniMyth is pretty much built from scratch using Busybox and other tools.