Day: December 2, 2003

  • What’s Your Number?

    From the Seattpe PI Blog:

    Ever wonder just how Washington state comes up with your driver’s license number? Alan De Smet explains. He even wrote a tool to generate them (and a warning to anyone contemplating using it for fraudulent purposes).

    He also has algorithms for a couple of other states, including Maryland.  It works.  Quite scary.

  • OpenPGP in Python

    Via PyPI, OpenPGP in Python is just that.  The author is also learning about Python as he goes:

    This is an attempt at implementing OpenPGP in Python. This is also my first attempt at doing anything real in Python so [insert disclaimers and cries for help here]. I’m classifying this as “Pre-Alpha” since major changes are still pretty frequent. For testing in the meantime, an API and fairly usable command line application are included.

    PyOpenPGP requires PyCrypto.  Don’t let the humble author fool you, check out the demo.

  • MobileWhack

    MobileWhack: It’s the new mobile site from Rael and the gang.  The site runs on enterprise blosxom (and by that I mean it uses blosxom).  The site is also designed to look good in your browser and with a mobile browser such as Opera.  Of course what would really rock would be an XHTML-MP version of the site for those of us who never quite have enough free memory on our phones to run the Opera beast.