Roy Disney Resigns



Wow. Roy Disney resigned today. That is big. (Blogging in traffic)


From the looks of things, Roy was very upset with a lot of things that Eisner has been doing, and some general issues with the poor performance of the comany in several key areas (Animation, ABC, theme parks).

He could probably usurp Disney from Eisner if he came up with the right replacement.  As a sidenote, he installed Eisner as CEO in a sort of coup almost 20 years ago.

Who would be the perfect Disney CEO?  Steve Jobs of course.  He already heads Apple and Pixar, two of the more creative companies out there.  Disney owns a part of Pixar.  It makes perfect sense.  Of course if I were Steve Jobs, I wouldn’t touch that position with a 39.5 foot pole, but still, how cool would that be?

Back to reality…