Day: November 25, 2003

  • UIQ to Pocket PC Total Conversion

    Why on earth would you make your P800/P900 look like a Pocket PC?  That’s just wrong, and a little nausiating.

  • View Your Site Under Safari

    Dan Vine has created a sweet little tool that allows you to see your site as it would be seen in Safari.  Check it out at Through the eyes of a Mac browser.  You can see at the right.

    I’d really love to know more about how it works, but here is the jist from Dan’s site:

    Although I am keeping the source-code private for the time being, I can and shall devulge the basics. This page interfaces to a MySQL database from which a web-service feeds. The iMac parses the requests and then pushes the data through a maze of shell, perl, python and applescripts. The result is returned in the form of a PNG to the requester’s browser window.

    Glue, baby!  Cool stuff, Dan.

  • XPostFacto Boots Panther On Older Macs

    The latest version of XPostFacto has initial support for booting Panther on older Macs:

    XPF now includes limited support for Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) on the 7300 – 9600 (and friends), as well as the Wallstreet Powerbooks and Beige G3 (with some limitations related to video). The original Powerbook G3 (Kanga) is not yet supported, but I will be working on it.

    Of course we’re still in Alpha release mode, so it may work for you and it may not.  I sent in $10 to fund development a few weeks ago, as eventually I should ne able to boot a recent version of OSX on my hopped up G4’d 8500.

  • CERT Quarterly Update

    Here’s a synopsis of the latest regularly scheduled CERT Summary:

    Since the last regularly scheduled CERT summary, issued in September 2003 (CS-2003-03), we have documented vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows Workstation Service, RPCSS Service, and Exchange. We have also documented vulnerabilities in various SSL/TLS implementations, a buffer overflow in Sendmail, and a buffer management error in OpenSSH. We have received reports of W32/Swen.A, W32/Mimail variants, and exploitation of an Internet Explorer vulnerability reported in August of 2003.