Day: November 23, 2003

  • T-Mobile Launches V300; Nokia Sprint PCS Phone

    DC-Baltimore Metro T-Mobile stores are going to start selling the Motorola V300 tri-band flip phone tomorrow.  I wandered in to a store this afternoon and overheard a bunch of T-Mobile employees asking about it and when they could get their hands on one.  Detailed specs can be found at Phonescoop, but if a bunch of T-Mobile employees are excited about it, Moto has got to be on the right track.

    I’ve used a bunch of cel phones in both flip and candy bar flavours, and I’m currently in quite a candy bar mood, though Americans tend to favor the flip.

    In other randomness, I saw an ad for the current lineup of Sprint phones in the paper today, and it was absolutely weird to see a Nokia in the lineup.  I think it was the 3588i CDMA2000/1xRTT phone.  It’s one of those phones that has decent specs, but I’d never plop down cash for it.  Of course the lineup of Sprint PCS phones has improved a lot since I dropped them as my carrier.

    Back to the weekend.