Day: November 22, 2003

  • cgi_buffer and Ivy

    Via Simon Willison, cgi-buffer takes care of the little things that can make your CGI programs go faster.  We’re talking things like gzip, ETags, and persistent connections.  Libraries for Perl, PHP, and Python are available.  At least in python, using it is as simple as import cgi_buffer.

    The Ivy software bus also looks interesting:

    Ivy is a simple protocol and a set of open-source (LGPL) libraries and programs that allows applications to broadcast information through text messages, with a subscription mechanism based on regular expressions. Ivy libraries are available in C, C++, Java and Perl, on Windows and Unix boxes and on Macs. Several Ivy utilities and hardware drivers are available too.

  • Mainstream Bluetooth Shenanigans

    Bill Thompson at BBC News writes about as mainstream as it gets about bluejacking, bluesniffing, bluedriving, etc.

    On the 2151 train from London Kings Cross to Cambridge I eagerly checked my mobile phone to see which other Bluetooth devices I could find, hoping to indulge in a spot of bluejacking or bluestumbling or whatever else I could get up to, only to find that there were no other Bluetooth devices within range.

    I’m sure that there are even fewer bluetooth devices per capita here in the US.  I tend to leave Bluetooth off unless I’m using it, and even then I usually don’t shout out to the Bluetooth world, “HERE I AM!”  Listening to the Shmoo guys talk about Bluetooth (in)security, I’m a parinoid little user.

    Yeah, I’m no fun.