Day: November 20, 2003

  • Content Management Haiku

    Steve Mallett:

    I’m playing with scoop.
    It is kicking much ass-age.
    Moderate my soul.

    I’m too tired to contribute my own, but one could have some fun with this.

  • textamerica editors pick!

    Hey cool!  That’s my picture on the bottom right.  It’s not one of my best, but there it is on the front page of textamerica (for a few minutes anyway).

    The really cool part is that they sent me an email telling me about it.  I know that the process is automated, but it is a warm fuzzy email buried in a mound of spam.

    Speaking of textamerica, I got an email from Shawn Honnick last night, and yes, and I’ll totally be sticking with them while they figure things out.

  • Python At LinuxWorld

    Jeremy Hylton:

    Steve Holden and I are speaking at the LinuxWorld Expo in January at the Javits Center in New York City. Steve is giving his popular Network Programming in Python course. I am talking about Programming Weblogs with Python.

    This is good to know.  I’ll see if I can plan my schedule around one or both sessions.

  • Boeing 7E7 Interior Design

    The proposed interior design of the Boeing 7E7 calls out to me. It’s retro, sci-fi, and contemporary at the same time.

    Check out more at the Boeing 7E7 photo gallery.

  • All The Best Chips Come From Dresden


    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Advanced Micro Devices Inc. said Wednesday it plans to hold news conferences in the United States and Germany on Thursday for what industry observers expect to be the announcement of plans to build an advanced microchip plant in Dresden, Germany.

    My last Athlon chip (sadly a Slot A 750MHz) was made in Dresden. If AMD is building a state of the art fab facility there, it is guaranteed to put out some cool and groundbreaking stuff.

  • WordPress: Impressive!

    Wow. I installed WordPress a few minutes ago, and the whole process was one of the easiest and quickest blog installs that I’ve ever done. I can probably set up a MT blog in my sleep. Blosxom just takes a few minutes but lacks Whizzy menus and user-friendly stuff. It was as simple as uncompressing WordPress, creating a MySQL database, editing about 4 fields in a php file and a few configuration clicks.

    It was really quick. It’s really slick.

    It’s set up for mutli-author blogging out of the box. It does trackback, pings, and does all of the basic things that I can think of out of the box. The RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds that it generates all validate. The templates do included a good bit of embedded PHP, so they are going to be harder to edit than your standard Movable Type template. The default template is okay but not particularly beautiful. It could always be worse.

    It looks like they allow per-blog and per-post geolocation data in the form of lat/long. I haven’t seen much done with this in the blog that is produced, but I’m not looking very hard. Of course many evil and interesting things can be done with such data.

    I would peg WordPress (which is derived from the b2 codebase) at a little more advanced than your Livejournal/blogger/hosted blog and around the same level of complexity/flexibility of Movable Type. It does require PHP and MySQL, though both of those can be found in less expensive shared hosting. I’m not going to move my daily blogging to it, but I am definitely going to poke around.