Day: November 19, 2003

  • Inklog: What’s That Scribble?

    Inklog is cool and all, but geek handwriting is rarely all that legible. I hope that MS is using geeks to test their handwriting recognition, because if you can decipher geekwriting, you can probably comprehend anyone, save perhaps doctors.

  • GPL’d NDIS Wrapper (Broadcom 802.11g in Linux)

    Via Slashdot, NdisWrapper provider a free beer/free speech way of using Windows drivers for Broadcom chipsets under Linux, similar to the Linuxant wrapper.

    File this under w00t, with a caveat.

    It’s great that I can now get the Wi-Fi built in to my laptop to work.  The bad news is that NDIS isn’t going to allow me to do some of the cooler things that you can do with Wi-Fi under linux.  The motivation for someone to write Linux-native drivers just went down the tube.

    This is great, but it’s bad.

    Update: NdisWrapper requires kernel 2.6.0-test8 or higher, so it is not for the weak of heart.