The 7700 Gets Noticed by Newsforge



Newsforge covers the Nokia 7700:

Nokia, the world’s largest mobile telephone maker, is getting awfully close to bringing a handheld, Internet-connected television to the consumer market. The Finland-based megacorporation has launched a new category of handheld product — called mobile media devices — which feature Nokia’s largest, most colorful display: a 640×320 touch-sensitive screen that renders as many as 65,536 colors. Nokia says these new devices, to hit the market in Q2 of 2004, offer plenty of new opportunity for Symbian, Java, and C++ developers and is now making SDKs available for free download.

I’m really exited about the platform, so of course any good press is A Good Thing.  Since the story is on NewsForge, there is an open source/free beer spin to the story.  They mention the free (beer) SDKs that are available and note that Nokia is looking for more developers for the platform.

I’m so there, but the more the merrier.