Day: November 10, 2003

  • Best. Craiglslist Post. Evar!

    This is awesome:

    toshiba 2805 computer laptop for sale:

    The keys have all been torn out. The monitor has been shattered after experiencing my fists and a several foot stomps; The laptop upon impact, after being thrown to the ground, permanently ejected the dvd/cd player . The dvd/cd player also disassmbled after the ejection. Several other unidentified pieces of the laptop parted during this incident. The harddrive crashed prior to this incident–However, I am keeping that in case I can retrieve the data.

    I am also offering a white trash bag as a free carrying case.

    (to the tune of Real Men of Genius)…We salute you, Mr., for saying what others dared not say…

  • CodeCon 2004 CFP

    Bram has released a call for paper for CodeCon 2004.