Day: November 3, 2003

  • From VPNs to Leona Naess

    So many links, so little time:

    • Wi-Fi Networking News points to for $8.88 per month, it’s worth every penny.
    • Ken Pugh on pair programming.
    • Sean and Scott show the code to slurp all of the PDC materials.  A Python port of that would rock! 🙂
    • Fedora screenshots.
    • Edd’s P800 keeps him sane in the boring cold.  He pointed to Leona Naess, who has a new new cd (which is different than the old new cd).  It turns out that she is playing two nights in the DC Metro Area.  I’m going to do my best to see her.
    • I have installed OggPlay on my 3650 but don’t have any Ogg Vorbis files kicking around to test it.  The app runs, which is a plus.
    • Monologue aggregates mono weblogs.  It also has RSS.  Note to self: subscribe.
    • Ewan writes up the nice Nice Series 60 seminars.
  • Fog Creek Redesign

    Joel announced the redesign on Fog Creek Software’s web page by Dave Shea.

    I like it.

  • November Netcraft Survey

    According to Netcraft, it looks like a lot of people jumped ship from IIS to Apache.  Apache gained 2.8% of the market, while MS/IIS lost 2.44%.  Here’s why:

    Apache has a significant percentage gain this month as, a leading domain registrar with a domain parking system serving responses for over one million domains eliminated its Windows front end, and reverted to Linux and Apache which it ran previously. Barely weeks ago its largest rival, Network Solutions made a similar switch from Microsoft-IIS back to SunOne, nee Netscape-Enterprise, for its own domain parking system.

  • Addicted to Pensacola: Wings of Gold

    Hi, My name is Matt, and I’m addicted to Pensacola: Wings of Gold.  It comes on at 6am on TNT in the DC Metro area.  I’m usually up anyway, and it is one of those things that I can watch without devoting 100% of my attention to it (most of the time).

    P:WoG was around for 3 seasons.  Season 1 is more action oriented and centered around the Sea Dragons.  Seasons 2 and 3 seem to be a lot more soap-ish.  Either way, I can’t seem to stop watching it.

    I wonder if season 1’s rantings started to slip, as only the main character played by James Brolin continued on the second (he was an executive producer).  I’m sure that there are all kinds of continuity issues lurking about, but I choose not to think about it.  It makes great background for multitasking at 6am.


    Now back to your regularly scheduled geekblog.

  • Snonews: Text-based RSS Aggregation

    Snonews is a GPL’d text-based aggregator that uses libxml2 and ncurses.  It can handle RSS 1.0 as well as 0.9x and 2.0.  Of course there’s also the Ruby-based Raggle for those you you seeking a 3-paned experience.

    Sometimes low-tech just rocks.

  • Freevo 1.4rc2

    Freevo 1.4rc2 is out. A few features, more translations, bugfixes, and more are in this release.