Day: October 31, 2003

  • Blogging and Mobile Blogging

    Diego has posted a monster blog entry about blogging.  If you want to learn about blogging and/or start a blog, go read it.

    Jonathan Knudsen at Sun has a write up about mobile blogging.  It is a good roundup of mobile blogging in general, and also accessing/updating blogs from the J2ME environment.

  • Humorous Ant Antipatterns

    Hani at TheServerSide has written up some Ant anti-patterns.  My favorite so far:

    8. Ask users to prove their loyalty and dedication to your cause by demanding they add jar files to ANT_HOME/lib. For extra points, do not tell them what these jar files are. It can be a test of the true faithful to see if they can figure it out from an ant stacktrace and find out what jar to download from where.

  • Developing For Longhorn

    Sam Gentile takes us through building your first app on Longhorn.

    Update: At least we will still feel at home with Longhorn BSODs.  Actually, Virtual PC seems to be the one to blame.

  • Great G3 Desktop Deals

    Dealmac has two excellent deals on older B&W G3 Macs: a G3/300 (128/6/CD/Zip) for $299.95 and a G3/350 (192/6/DVD) for $349.99 from MegaMacs.  Both of these come with 17″ Studio Displays.  I consider both of these excellent deals and would jump on one of them if I were liquid for it.  I’m trying to scrounge together enough to get my hands on something to properly run Panther on. 

    XPostFacto for Panther should make it work on my 8500 soon, but it’s going to be dog slow if it will work at all.  I’m hoping that something really cheap crops up on my local craigslist.

    If anyone else out there is looking for user Macs, Baucom Computers is another great source.  Right now they’ve got some attractively priced G3 and G4 desktops.

  • Coolest. Stroller. Evar!

    I just saw the Cadillac of strollers: the Chariot Cavalier 1.  It is a lot like your typical joggersport stroller, but it’s just a little bit more beefy and a and just looks so cool in person.  It has the required handbrake and all the goodies.  It’s really sturdy but only about 21 pounds.

    My kids are so going to roll around in something like this.

  • Drooling Over Whidbey

    These Whidbey screenshots definitely evoke a Pavlovian response.  Previous versions of Visual Studio .NET have been some of the most pleasing to work in.  Hopefully Whidbey will feel even better.

    Of course the more powerful client-side apps will be the ones taking advantage of the Longhorn SDK. [Via Scott Hanselman, who has been covering the PDC extremely well, as have all the other bloggers at the PDC]