Hello World on Series 90 (Nokia 7700)



I was curious how much it would take to get a Hello World style app running on a Series 90 (the platform that the Nokia 7700 is based on) emulator.  The answer is just the following three downloads:

I took the code from Getting Started with MIDlet Development, built it, packaged it, and ran the emulator with emulator -classpath HelloSuite.jar HelloMIDlet.  Once everything was downloaded and installed, the Hello World process took just a minute or two.  It was well below the 5 minute threshold that Russ has deemed neccesary for wireless development.

You’ll note that on the emulator, the thumb buttons and keypad are reversed from those on the 7700.  The emulator/SDK release is versioned 0.1, so beware.  I’m sure that some things will change before the official release of the 7700.

I have a feeling that we are going to see a ton of apps written for Series 90 and the 7700 in particular.  My guess is that we will see lots of J2ME apps, but the killer apps will be built using C++.  In skimming the docs, it looks like I have at least limited access to the camera, wireless messaging, mobile media, and bluetooth.  This is much different than the super sandbox that is MIDP 1.0.