Day: October 24, 2003

  • C# Language Spec 2.0

    Sean and Scott are among those who pointed out that the C# language spec version 2.0 is out.

  • Dive Into Panther

    Mark Pilgrim explores Panther in 100 screenshots and insight to boot.  I love the new finder, and Panther has become simultaneously more Mac-like and more Windows-like.

    I’m drooling over here.

  • A Very Simple CamelCase Parser in Python

    In playing around with regular expressions in Python, I came up with the following very simple CamelCase parser.  I really like this style of writing out regex.  It’s much more readable than the typical compacted regex that I am used to seeing.

    # - a really simplistic CamelCase parser
    import re
    pattern = re.compile(r'''
        (?x)(   # Begin group
        \b      # word boundry
        [A-Z]   # Find an upper case letter
        (\S*?)  # consume non whitespace
        [A-Z]   # Find a second upper case letter
        (\S*?)  # consume more whitespace
        \b      # end word boundry
        )       # end group, repeat as neccesary
    testString = "This is a TestCase of a VerySimple CamelCaseParser."
    find_camel = lambda s: [u[0] for u in re.findall(pattern, s)]
    print find_camel(testString)
    # Prints ['TestCase', 'VerySimple', 'CamelCaseParser']

    I have found that Python is a pleasure to putz around with pretty much everything, and regexes are no exception.  You can find more information at Kuchling’s Regular Expression HOWTO and Chapter 3 of David Mertz’ Text Processing in Python.  Both are well worth reading.

    The above code is extremely naive, and of course use it at your own risk.  It would be trivial to modify this code to use re.sub in order to create a very naive wiki parser.  That might be fun.

  • 6.02×10^23, Baby!

    Chris Heilman:

    Today is Mole Day, celebrating Avogadro’s number. From 6:02am until 6:02pm. It should be until 10:50pm (ten to the twenty third hour.) Thanks, Alireza!

    Wow, I’ve missed the ‘technical’ Mole Day, but I like to celebrate Mole Day all day long.  Thanks for the heads up, Chris.  Happy Mole Day to all.