Apple Releases G4 iBook!



Jeez.  I wish I had known that G4 powered iBooks were going to be out this soon.  The only thing holding me back from picking up a G3 iBook earlier this month was the G3 processor part.  The G3 has been out way too long, and now that the G5 is here, it is just a matter of time before G3 support starts fading away.  I guess it always happens like that: settle on a major purchase and the thing that you’ve always wanted becomes available soon afterwards.

The specs look good though: $1099 will get you a G4 800MHz, 256 megs of ram, a 30 gig drive, a 1024×768 12 inch screen and an ATI Radeon 9200 video card.  The 14 inch model tops out at a 1GHz G4, all for under $1500.  I have a feeling that with these new iBooks, Apple is going to bump up its share of the laptop market in the next quarter or two.

I just wish that I could contribute to those numbers…

Go read all the specs and fun stuff at the Apple Store.  Thanks to Mac Central for pointing it out.  On a side note, if anyone is looking to get rid of an older blue & white or black & white G3/G4 tower for a couple hundred bucks, let me know.  I’m dying to run OSX, and my tricked out 8500 just doesn’t cut it.