Day: October 21, 2003

  • JBuilder X


    Software development company Borland Software on Tuesday introduced an overhauled edition of its Java programming tool designed to simplify creation of Web applications.

    So far I see support for JBoss and a visual Struts designer as big plusses.  It looks like we’ll be seeing a JBuilder X Foundation with more liberal licensing terms.  This is good.

    More information can be gleaned from Borland’s JBuilder site.

  • Movie Trends: Kill Bill and Lost in Translation

    Kill Bill

    I saw Kill Bill Volume 1 over the weekend.  I enjoyed it in a queasy blood and body count kind of way.  At the end of Volume 1, I cursed Tarantino for splitting it in two.  It’s understandable, but I still want to see the other half NOW!

    According to fanboy site, Kill Bill Vol. 2 will be out February 20, 2004.  At least I don’t have to wait too long.

    I was curious how the movie did, so I hopped over to Yahoo Movies to check the box office stats.  $12 million on the second week is respectable, but kind of dissappointing.  In two weeks its managed to pick up over $43 million, which again is not horrible, but I expected more out of such a good movie (IMHO of course).  I guess the gore/death/blood factor was pretty high up there.  I wonder what had to be cut in order to squeeze in to an ‘R’ rating.  I can’t wait to see the four disc unrated directors cut collections edition on DVD.

    Lost in Translation

    While I was at Yahoo Movies, I decided to check in on another movie that I quite enjoyed a few weeks ago: Lost in Translation.  It’s one of those movies that isn’t destined to be a big money maker.  I’ll bet somebody looses some money on the project, but it was an excellent Sundance/Cannes style flick.

    Lost in Translation showed up at number 11 in the box office this weekend, six weeks after release.  It pulled in just under $2 million and has grossed just under $21 million so far.  What is impressive about the weekend gross is that it was shown in only 771 theatres, yielding approximately $2470 per theatre.  The #10 movie this week (The Rundown) hit about $2.8 million in 2099 theatres.  That’s only $1325 per theatre.  The release below (Secondhald Lions) yields about $1170 per theatre.

    So Lost in Translation isn’t doing great, but it’s definitely filling up the few theatres that it is in pretty well.  I’m glad.