Day: October 15, 2003

  • Hotspot Roundup

    I had some extra time to kill before class, so I decided to drop by a Borders on the way. After firing up my aggregator, I found some interesting links:

    • CNet covers the offspring of the Opteron.
    • CNet also covers the addition of fee-based customer support to the latest rev of Mozilla. There’s nothing wrong with that IMHO.
    • Greg Klebus ponders the viability of using a Wiki for technical documentation on a software project.
    • Jason Alexander explores the concept of “Mono Aware.”
    • BSDatwork notes that OpenBSD 3.4 has begun to ship.
    • CNet: Some T-Mobile Sidekicks have faulty hinges.
    • Jason Kottke looks at the Segway as a personality tester.
    • Slashdot wonders if Bluetooth is dead. I think not. It cites an EETimes article announcing its death. Whutevah!

    I apologize in advance if this entry is malformed (from an HTML perspective). I’m putting it together by hand and don’t have a whizzy HTMLArea to double check it.