Day: October 13, 2003

  • Rawdog 1.5

    Moof gave me a heads up the other day that a new version of Rawdog was working its way out. Version 1.5 was released today, fixing some timeout problems. I’m still recovering from Foo, so I probably won’t upgrade my aggregator for a day or two.

  • Hopping On a Plane

    I’m getting ready to hop on the plane. I’m sitting at the gate here at
    SFO. There happens to be a closed starbucks about 50 feet behind me.
    Luckily they don’t seem to turn off their t-mobile hotspot when they shut
    down. This is a good thing, as I have a 2 megabit connection here at the

    Sounds like they’re calling my flight.

    It’s going to be weird going from a place like SF which is just awash
    with Wi-Fi to the DC area where coverage is spotty at best.

    –Matt (SFO, gate 89)

  • McWi-Fi

    I’m on my laptop. Using Wi-Fi. At McDonald’s. I’m across the street
    from Fry’s in Palo Alto. Sometimes technology just RULES!

    Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. I’m down in Palo Alto after
    doing chowder, Fleet Week featuring the Blue Angels and seeing San
    Fransisco with Russ.
    It’s been a long but wonderful weekend. I’ve got to head back up to SFO
    to hop on the redeye back to the east coast. I’m not looking forward to
    that part.

    I picked up Halo for $39.99 today at Fry’s. I almost picked up a used
    beat Zaurus 5500, but they wanted freaking list price for a beat up one
    with all kinds of stuff missing. Oh well.

    The best part is that I didn’t pay for it. I asked if I could purchase
    wireless access at the counter or if I had to do it online with Wayport.
    The person behind the counter gave me a coupon for free access. I don’t
    remember which number it is, but I bought the two cheesburger meal. I
    think I’ll get a shake to go.

    I’m going to finish my fries and head out, but hopefully I’ll be able
    to hop online at the airport. I don’t leave until after 11:30pm PDT and I
    don’t get back to DC until after 8:30am EDT. After hearing about Russ’
    flight, it does not seem as painful.

    –Matt Croydon (Palo ALto, California, in a McDonald’s. Rawk!)