Roundup: From Mobiles to Grids



Lots of little things are happeneing all around:

  • Russ has been looking into the latest ECMAScript, which is much more object oriented.  Jeremy Allaire has noticed Russ’ recent interest in Flash.
  • V. Satheesh Babu went down to to an Oracle 10g launch in DC yesterday.  Lots of marketing types and everyone stalking government employees.  It’s a good thing I didn’t know about it.
  • Jeremy Zawodny shows you how to roll your own Yahoo! News RSS feeds.
  • Steve Makofsky tried and cancelled unlimited GPRS on his MS Smartphone.  Unlimited GPRS is $9.99 a month here, and I’m on the plan.  Granted, GPRS coverage is spotty in some suburban/rural areas around town, but most of the time I will be able to moblog a picture via email or hop on IRC if I’m bored.
  • Steve Makofsky: “As always, .NET Rocks makes time at the gym go by pretty quick. I’m just glad other people don’t know what i’m listening to on my iPod.”
  • Webunit 1.3.2, a web application testing framework for Python is out.
  • InfoWorld takes a look at developers shunning the latest and greatest in web application frameworks.
  • CNet:”Internet phone providers have won the first round in a clash with state regulators, providing needed momentum for the upstart industry.”  Go go VoIP!
  • Ewan puts his thoughts on the future of OPL development on Series 60 down on virtual paper.  I listened in on the hoops required to compile and package an OPL hello world app into an installable .sis file.  It’s currently insane.
  • Six Apart launched Typepad officially after their preview release.  They also were interviewed [quicktime] on CNN.  Congrats!