Day: October 7, 2003

  • Installing Debian on a HP ze4430us

    I managed to misplace the three Red Hat 9 CDs that I had burned for installing.  For some reason the install was freezing at the very first screen with input.  I was ready to give up, but Erik suggested the catchall linux nousb boot option, which tends to play nice with some laptops.  I was going to give it a go, but since I can’t find the CD’s, I’ll have to move on.

    I was considering the latest Red hat beta, but since I’m running low on blank CD-R’s, I burned a Debian (Woody) mini-cd and away I go.

    I’ve installed a Debian system or two, but I’m by no means a Debian power user, so some of my observations might be obvious to the hardcore Debian user.

    First off, the boot from mini-cd went fine.  I went through the ugly but helpful menu driven installer.  Everything was fine until I needed to choose an apt mirror.  Debian didn’t like the on-board 10/100 NIC.  That’s okay, I slapped in a PCMCIA card, connected it up and configured it the manual way.  Alt-F2 took me to a new window.  I logged in and typed ifconfig eth0 up followed by ifconfig eth0  I had to fiddle with route for a minute to add a default gateway, but other than that things went smoothly.  I also added a few nameservers to /etc/resolv.conf and went back to the main install window (Alt-F1).

    Hopefully I’ll be able to get the built-in NIC working after the install is complete.  I am currently apt getting a ton of stuff for my barebones net install.

    Update: Any error that ends with Aiee, killing interrupt handler can’t be good.  Trying again.  It seems to have worked.  I still need to get X and the built-in NIC working though.