Day: October 3, 2003

  • Linkdump Roundup

    Here are a few quick links that I’ve been looking at this morning:

    • Kendall Grant Clark takes the pulse of XML editing tools on O’Reilly’s
    • Bill Humphries looks into GPS receivers with Bluetooth.  From my experience, Garmin seems to be a little clueless about Bluetooth.
    • Java Server Faces: mental note, read up on this at some point.
    • Charles Miller would like to see a guide to securing JBoss.  You know the answer: Buy the book! 🙂
    • MobileTracker points out Frodo, a Commodore 64 emulator for Series 60 phones.  I’d also love to see a Coleco Vision emulator out there, as I wasted a few hours of my childhood on that platform too.  At some point I should try to figure out exactly how much more powerful my 3650 is comared to my family’s first PC: the IBM 8088.
    • TLDP has a HOWTO on traffic control under Linux.
    • Linux Journal posts a HOWTO for a once NIC NAT.
    • Screenshots for the latest BloGTK release look good.
    • Phillip Pearson is posting his linkdumps to “crash.”  It looks like linkdumps are back in style.
    • Rob Flickenger posts an excerpt from Wireless Hacks: Do it yourself wireless access points.
    • Does anyone know one way or another if these accusations about Liebermann, Inc are true?  It certainly looks like a good hoax, but the tech is so cool that I’d rather that it be real.
    • Netcraft makes sure that wildcard DNS does not taint its Survey.
    • “Would the graduate students please bar the doors!” The Ig Nobels rule.
    • Via NewsForge, TSL is TSL.  Trustix Secure Linux is now Tawie Secure Linux.
    • Pyblosxom 0.8.1 is out.