Cracking Roundup Gromit!




Weekend Roundup:

  • Hans Nowak shares his “dead simple” options parsing system in Python.
  • You know that you’re a geek when your snooze bar is ‘snooze’ at the command line.
  • Boing Boing links to a pdf file of a paper covering the google file system.  It’s mind boggling fun.
  • John Robb notes that Ray Ozzie is looking for web services wizards to work at Groove.  They’ve got to have something big, as there is already a great team there working on web services stuff.
  • Root Prompt points to a Linux Planet review of a turnkey MySQL server running on hardware by Pogo Linux.  Now even PHB’s can run MySQL…
  • Jenny points to the new Wallace and Gromit game for PS2.  Cracking console game, Gromit!
  • Mark Pilgrim has released Dive Into Python v4.3.