Windows Server 2003 On The Rise



Netcraft notes an increase in sites hosted on Windows Server 2003:

Comparing the sites which are now hosted on Windows 2003 with their operating system in January 2003 shows over 42% of these to be new sites, 49% (153K) to be upgrades from other Windows platforms (mainly Windows 2000), 5% (16.5K) to be migrations from Linux and 1% from FreeBSD (3K) and 1% from Solaris (2.5K).

While the number of sites running on a Windows platform has decreased slightly this month, it is interesting to watch the migration of Win2k and older systems over to 2003.  I’ve found that overall Windows 2000 is pretty stable if you keep it at a production state.  That means NO THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE goes on there unless there’s a showstopping reason.  Windows Updates aside, a well-tuned Win2k box can stay up and running for quite some time.

I was pleasantly suprised to find that the beta of Windows Server 2003 seemed even more stable than Win2k.  Granted, I just played around with IIS and the other included software and kept it clean otherwise, but I don’t think I had to reboot it for any reason other than swapping out some hardware for the month that I ran it.  Not too shabby at all.

Now it’s time to switch my KVM and head over to my linux box…