Day: September 6, 2003

  • Netflix

    We caught the Netflix bug today.

    We went from zero to 17 in the queue in just under 10 minutes.


  • OpenMosix 2.4.22-1 Released

    Newsforge notes that OpenMosix 2.4.22-1, which coincides with the 2.4.22 kernel, has been released.

    I’ve plugged it before, but OpenMosix is by far the easiest way to experiment with clustering without having to dedicate a set of hardware to it.  It’s really simple to install and ‘just works’ in migrating forked processes to other machines in the cluster.

    It is simple.  It is beautiful.  It is OpenMosix.

  • The Squirrel Programming Language

    Suddenly I want to master the programming language Squirrel.  If I were to design a programming language, it would be called monkey and would be LOAF-enabled.  Yeah.