Why I’m Happy With T-Mobile (All Over the World)



Some background: I signed up with T-Mobile a couple of months ago after many unhappy years with Sprint PCS.  I snagged a Nokia 3650 for free after rebates through Amazon.  I pay about $40/mo for service (600 anytime, unlimited nights and weekends) and about $10 for GPRS service, an additional $3 for 500 text messages, plus various taxes.

I called T-Mobile’s customer service the other day to enable international roaming ($.99/min in the UK), and while I had the very helpful service rep on the phone, I asked if I could switch my $9.99/mo 10MB GPRS plan to the current $9.99/mo unlimited plan.  It took her a few minutes of computer wrangling, but she switched it over without a problem.

I also asked her how much GPRS roaming in the UK would be.  She put me on hold for a minute or two, and came back with the wonderful information that GPRS roaming costs $0.99/MB in the UK.

That’s actually cheaper than some GPRS plans for people that live in the UK.

The difference that a world phone makes is amazing.  It can go almost anywhere.  T-Mobile’s GPRS coverage is spotty in the midwest and away from major urban/suburban areas, but it works everywhere that I’ve been around the US and all over Europe.  Try that with your CDMA phone.