Craig’s List Via RSS!



I was looking at one of my favorite sections of Craig’s List DC: the Computer and Tech forsale section.

I was thinking that it would be excellent to have this information in my RSS aggregator, so I viewed the source of the page, curious how hard it would be to scrape.  In doing so, I found this gem:

<link rel=alternate type=application/rss+xml href=index.rss title="Craigslist - computers & tech in washington, DC">

I added index.rss to the end of the usual URL, and lo and behold, there is a valid RSS feed.  It’s RSS 1.0 for those of you keeping score.

Does anyone know how long this has been out there?  Needless to say, I’m subscribed.

It also looks like their local job listings have an RSS feed.  Rock on!  Also, because they use the <link/> tag in their HTML, it’s RSS autodiscoverable!