Day: August 18, 2003

  • MySQL 4.x Dubbed “Production Ready”

    MySQL AB:

    SEATTLE, Wash. – (March 25, 2003) – MySQL AB, developer of the world’s most popular Open Source database, today announced that the MySQL™ database version 4.0 has been labeled “production,” indicating that it is ready for any MySQL deployment. To reach production status, MySQL software must pass a series of rigorous tests with no fatal bugs and then undergo “battle-testing” in live environments for a minimum of three months. Starting with the newest release, 4.0.12, MySQL version 4.0 is now the standard code base for all MySQL database downloads.

  • LuPy Released

    LuPy, a python port of Jakarta Lucene, is out with minor changes:

    Some minor changes were made for Python 2.3, although a couple of warnings about bit operations remain. This release breaks some code: field.Keyword() must now be used instead of field.Field.Keyword(). If you are using the Indexer wrapper, searches are now more accurate because the query is tokenized first.

  • Tendra in OpenBSD

    OpenBSD Journal notes that Tendra (an open source BSD-licensed C compiler) is now in the OpenBSD ports tree.

  • What’s New in Python 2.4

    Garth Kidd:

    Already out: AMK’s What’s New in Python 2.4.

    That was quick.  Luckily the only real content in there is a minor tweak in curses.

  • Palmspring’s New Name


    In preparation for its split into two separate companies, Palm has come up with a name for its new, hardware-only self: PalmOne.

    It looks a lot more like pa1mOne from here.  And Russ had me thinking that they might have actually come up with something good…

  • Gnome 2.4 Beta & The Fork of the Week

    OSNews has two good stories this evening.  First off, they cover the Gnome 2.4 Beta announcement.

    They also cover the fork of the week: XFree86 has been forked into Xouvert.