Day: August 15, 2003

  • Most Reliable Web Hosts Still Run FreeBSD

    Netcraft has released this months list of most reliable web hosting companies.  Here are the top five: USWest, Cable & Wireless, Hypermart, Pair Networks, OLM.  FreeBSD is still king:

    Following June, when the top five hosting company sites with fewest failed requests were all running FreeBSD, FreeBSD is again disproportionately represented at the top of the table with five of the top 10 and seven of the top 13 sites running that operating system, but in other respects the Top 10 again come from all segments of the industry from shared hosting through to high end colocation services.

  • PocketFeed 0.6

    PocketFeed got a nice writeup at Pocket PC Thoughts.

  • New Itty Bitty Sony Cybershot DSC-U50

    DPReview lets loose a Sony press release about the DSC-U50:

    Sony has today announced the ultra-compact and stylish Cybershot DSC-U50. This $250 compact digital camera has a rotating lens element with a fixed focal length lens and a two megapixel CCD. The DSC-U50 is the first Sony Cybershot to record images to the smaller MemoryStick Duo format, so far only used on PDA’s and mobile phones. The press release also makes note of a new ‘Memory Stick Duo Pro’, something we’ve not heard of before.

    I’m not sure how tiny it is, but I’m an extremely happy user of the DSC-U20, and it’ll have to be microscopic for me to think about picking it up.  It does take the Memory Stick Duo format, which means that it has the potential to by tiny!

  • Roundup: I’d Rather Be Whistling In The Dark


    There’s only one thing that I know how to do well
    And I’ve often been told that you only can do
    What you know how to do well
    And that’s be you,
    Be what you’re like,
    Be like yourself,
    And so I’m having a wonderful time
    But I’d rather be whistling in the dark

    And on that note, cue the roundup:

    • Via Hack the Planet, RFCola: “We describe a market mechanism for providing incentive for the review of IETF documents. Reviewers would be “paid” by the IESG to for their reviews. In turn, document authors would need to “pay” the IESG to take up their documents. This mechanism rewards reviewers for their reviews, thus (hopefully) increasing the quantity and quality of reviews.”
    • Guido Speaks at O’Reillynet: “Also I will have time carved out in my regular work week to work on Python. So I’m pretty hopeful that once the dust of the move has settled, say in mid-August or so, I will have enough time for Python.”
    • Rob Flickenger wonders exactly how secure your wireless network is.  I’ve got more to say on this, but I’ll save that for later.
    • Mono 0.26 is out.  New in this release is Cairo support, Corba remoting, and sports a managed XSLT engine.  This release also boosts Windows.Forms, compilation speeds, web services, and other goodies.  Scan the release notes for more.
    • Someone give Sean Bonner a job, mmkay?
    • This hot microbe can survive heat at 121 Celcius.  Wow!
    • Was it a lightning strike that cause the power outage?