Day: August 11, 2003

  • Realtime Video Editing in Linux: Cinerella

    Cinerella 1.1.7 is out.  It is movie editing on crack for the Linux platform.  Here’s what’s new:

    Improved playback through firewire. Importing of dvgrab and lavtools AVI files. Changing parameters for PCM works more often. A virtual file system for renderfarms. Time stretch based on overlapping windows instead of FFT. Integrated mpeg2enc, toolame, and LAME encoding as libraries. The default configuration should run on a stock Red Hat 9.0 system.

    It requires some beefy hardware, but from the screenshots it looks like it’s all worth it.  The integrated clustering also looks awesome.

  • RSS Owl 0.51b

    RSS Owl is a Java three paned RSS aggregator written using SWT.  The latest version is 0.51b.  I saw this come across the WAP aggregator the other day, but I had no way of blogging it.

  • GCC 3.3.1

    It looks like I missed the release of GCC 3.3.1 the other day.

  • Mono Python Bindings

    Yes, my plane was supposed to be on the ground around 11pm.  Yes it’s about 3:30 and I’m just settling in at home.

    I’m hopelessly playing catchup, but there’s some interesting mono/python news from a few days ago:

    Brian Lloyd has announced the availability of his Python binding to .NET. This works with .NET and Mono. For more information about it, see Brian’s site at