Day: August 6, 2003

  • Pre-Flight Roundup

    I’m getting on a plane in a few hours, but I’ve got to clear out some news first:

    • ABCNews: “After at least two months of studying ways to help wartorn Liberia, President Bush has decided to send six to 10 American troops to assist West African peacekeepers, defense officials said Wednesday.”
    • ITWorld: “Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has agreed to purchase the Information Appliance business unit of National Semiconductor Corp. for an undisclosed amount, adding chips for thin-client devices and set-top boxes to AMD’s portfolio, the companies announced Wednesday.”
    • Infoworld: “Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is showing off a reference design for a PDA (personal digital assistant) based on its Alchemy Au1100 processor running Linux at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco, according to the company.”
    • TheServerSide: “Macromedia is de-emphasizing and may be planning to drop or sell off JRun Application Server. It has been reported that most of the JRun team in Newton, MA, have been laid off.”
    • Sean Bonner: “This is a simple request to anyone with a blog and an RSS feed. One of the most powerful aspects, as least in my mind, is to run an aggregator, download everything to my laptop, then read much of it a little down the line, perhaps when I go get lunch or when I’m somewhere without an internet connection.”  I’m a full-post kind of guy.  Radio’s aggregator doesn’t handle the <![CDATA[ in Sean’s feed, so I only saw an excerpt.  The data’s there.
    • Via Russ on IRC, VS HTTPD is a web server for your Series 60 cel phone.  Whose phone can we slashdot first?
    • Mobiletracker has the dirt on the NTT DoCoMo 505i series phone.
    • Jeremy notes Google News Alerts, which emails you when new news items are posted on a perticular topic (as defined by a search string).  Rock on!

    Of course the exciting stuff happens while I’m going to have limited connectivity.  It looks like I’ll have quite a bit of catch up to do when I get back.

    I’ll be moblogging at my textamerica moblog, and might even set up a webserver while I’m at the airport.

  • Radio Silence

    Rick Klau:

    You know you’re slacking when your Dad gives you shit about not posting to your blog in a week.

    I’m going to be away from my weblog for the next few days.  I’ll be following some news on my WAP Aggregator, but will do my best to mostly unplug.  I’ll be back late Sunday and I plan to start catching up Monday morning.