Day: August 2, 2003

  • ZigBee: Personal Area Network

    Via Slashdot, it looks like we should be tracking another wireless technology: ZigBee, aka 802.15 aka Personal Area Network.

    It looks like it is lower bandwidth (<1Mbps) but has much lower power requirements.

    “Hey man, do your new sneakers have ZigBee?”

  • Rendezvous/Zeroconf: On More Platforms

    Ted Leung points out Howl, a Zeroconf/Rendezvous implementation for Windows and Linux/BSD:

    Now the rest of us who have been hearing about the MacOS X Rendezvous Bonanza have a chance to get in on the action. The folks at Swampwolf have produced howl an open source Rendezvous/ZeroConf library that works on Windows and Linux. They’ve release the source on SourceForge under the BSD license.

  • Placebo

    Charles Miller presents the Placebo mini-pattern.

  • Typepad: Go For Launch

    Typepad is set to roll out a public preview release on Monday.  They’ve also released their pricing and features in three flavours: Basic ($4.95/mo) Plus ($8.95/mo) and Pro ($14.95/mo), which seems quite reasonable.  The bang/buck ratio is in your favor.

    If you’re thinking about signing up on monday, let me know and I can swing you a 20% discount.

    A lot of work has gone into making Typepad rock.