Day: July 30, 2003

  • A-A-P 1.0 Released

    A-A-P, a high powered make replacement by Bram Moolenaar has reached version 1.0.  Here’s the release announcement:

    After more than a year of development Aap version 1.0 is ready. The functionality it offers is comprehensive. This is illustrated by the documentation: The PDF version is now over 170 pages long. Building software, up- and downloading, version control and much more has been implemented.

    This seems like a pretty big announcement.  I first mentioned AAP last October, recently after Bram went public with the project.

  • PyPE: Python Source Code Editor

    Via PyPI, PyPE is a lightweight source code editor written in Python using wxPython.  It looks like it has potential.  I currently use a combination of PythonWin and edit-run-edit for developing Python apps, though I’m always looking at alternatives.

  • Rendezvous Under Java

    Seth Ladd has a tutorial for working with Rendezvous under java (with jRendezvous).

    The jRendezvous library is released under the LGPL, which is (or perhaps isn’t) viral in Java, rendering all of your code GPL (or not).  Yes, it’s ambiguous.  I’m pretty sure it was meant to be that way.

  • Python 2.3 Final Released

    Python 2.3 final is out.  No more alphas, betas, and release candidates.  This is the real thing.  All of the idlefork goodies are now in the main distro.  Here’s a quick list of goodies:

    Lots and lots of good stuff all around.  I plan on playing with the new release in the morning.