Day: July 29, 2003

  • AMD Chip Prices Down

    CNet notes a drop in prices for AMD processors:

    Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD lopped as much as 31 percent off its list prices for Athlon XP-M processors and reduced prices on a handful of Opteron server chips by as much as 35 percent.

    According to Pricewatch, it looks like the sweet spot in Athlon XP processors is on the 333FSB Athlon XP 2600 (currently at about $97 + shipping).

    Now where is my Athlon64?

    Update: Kenneth definately has the right idea: go with the Barton core 2500+.

  • DasBlog Released!

    Clemens Vasters released DasBlog today.  DasBlog is a server-side blogging environment, derived from BlogX.  It is released uner a BSD license, so do with it as you please.  It runs under version 1.1 of the .NET environment.

    Cool, thanks for the donation to the community, Clemens and contributors.

  • Leo’s Moblog

    I stumbled across Leo Laporte’s moblog this morning at Textamerica.


  • Firebird 0.6.1

    I also snagged Firebird 0.6.1 last night and have been using it without issues.

    I like it.

  • Live For Speed

    I checked out Live For Speed this morning.  It’s a racing game.  I checked it out because of a Slashdot Games story from last night.  The game is published online, no in-store boxes.  It’s not really a new idea, but a definately a cool one.

    I don’t think the wheel that I have works with XP, so I was only able to try out mouse and keyboard combos.  It was definately entertaining for a racing game, the ability to race 8-10 people online is very cool.  In the end I’ll probably stick to playing console racing games, and silently waiting for Gran Turismo 4.

  • Thunderbird 0.1 Released

    Via Slashdot, Mozilla Thunderbird, the lightweight newsreader/mailreader has reached a 0.1 release.  To the right you can see a screenshot of it running on my XP box.

    It seems quite zippy so far with IMAP.  I’ll put it through its paces.  I tend to do a vast majority of my emailing remotely (with Squirrelmail of course), so anything at my desktop is pretty much supplementary.