Day: July 25, 2003

  • Prepare For Departure

    I’m off to bed.  I’m catching an early flight in the morning.  I’ll be posting here and moblogging at textamerica.  I’ll be bringing a laptop to sniff the WiFi out there, but most of my connectivity will be via GPRS.  I’ll try to stop in on freenode while I’m out there.

    I’ll be keeping up a little bit with my wap aggregator, but I don’t have all 278 feeds in there.

  • Parsing RDF Under Mono

    Edd Dumbill has been looking into parsing RDF in C# (under Mono no less):

    So I went looking for a C# toolkit for parsing RDF, and immediately encountered Drive, a 100% C# RDF parser. Drive was developed on Windows .NET but compiled painlessly under Mono. With a small amount of flicking through the API documentation and a test program or two, I was ready to go within the hour.

    Very cool stuff indeed.