Day: July 23, 2003

  • Netcraft: JSP Usage Up

    Netcraft tracks the trends of JSP usage:

    Last December we reported that the number of JSP sites had grown quickly during 2002, albeit from a small starting point. Reviewing the growth over the past year since July 2002, JSP continues to enjoy fast growth with a 94% increase in ip addresses running JSP based sites to over 44,000 ip addresses running some 105,000 active sites.

    Check out the rest of the article.  The makeup of operating systems running JSP is quite interesting.

  • Nikon D2H Delivery Schedule

    From a Nikon newsletter:

    “…pricing will not be provided until approximately 30-days prior to planned beginning of delivery.  The current delivery is scheduled to begin during the early part of this calendar’s 4th quarter.”

  • MI-5/Spooks

    I caught part of an episode of MI-5 on A&E last night.  It is an imported version of Spooks renamed and reworked a little for the US.

    MI-5 is, in my opinion, the best parts of CSI, 24, and every spy flick ever made.  Someday I’ll have to find the DVD box set of Spooks and scare up a region-free DVD player…

    It looks like new episodes are airing Tuesday nights at 10pm.  They seem to be rebroadcasting the current episode several times in the middle of the night throughout the week.  I’ll have to set the VCR up for that one.  (Yes, technofreak that I am, I do not own a TiVo.)

  • JEP-0107: User Moods

    JEP-0107, a Jabber enhancement suggestion for user moods, was released yesterday.  Here’s an example of mood showing up in a presence packet:

      <status>Wooing Juliet</status>
      <mood value='excited' xmlns=''/>

    I’ve got a knife that’s +9 against ogres!