Day: July 18, 2003

  • Python 2.3c1: Release Candidate


    We are pleased to announce the release of Python 2.3c1 on July 18, 2003. This is a release candidate. If no serious problems are found in the next week, we will release this code as Python 2.3 final. We expect the final release to occur by the end of the month at the latest. The roadmap for the Python 2.3 release is PEP 283.

    You can download it as a Windows binary, or in a tarball for *nixen.  This release also incorporates a bunch of the idlefork improvements in the interactive interpreter.

    Also check out the highlights for the 2.3 series.

  • Preorder Your N-Gage


    The N-Gage is scheduled to go on sale Oct. 7, priced at $299. Nokia announced Friday that specialty retailers GameStop and Electronics Boutique will begin taking advance orders in stores and online starting Saturday.

  • Happy Birthday Amazon Web Services

    This month (actually two days ago) is the birthday of Amazon Web Services.

    I’d point to the original press release that Dave referenced, but unfortunately it has expired:

    Yahoo – Document Has Expired

    The requested document, `/bw/020716/160329_1.html‘, is no longer available.

    It’s little things like this that remind me how temporary the web can be.  Here’s a little disclaimer for todays entries:

    Content freshest if viewed before 18 Jul 2004.

  • Phone Operating Systems

    El Reg:

    Who cares what operating system a phone uses?

    I do!

    I’ve become a Symbian Junkie.

  • New Sony Handheld Runs on Sony-Designed Chip

    An interesting tidbit about the “Handheld Engine,” the processor behind the new Sony Clie PEG-UX50.  CNet:

    The device is also noteworthy because it is the first handheld to use a chip developed by Sony in the same Nagasaki plant where it is manufacturing the chip that will power the upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 game console.

    The chip itself isn’t the speediest thing on the planet, but considering what Palm devices used to run on, isn’t shabby at all:

    The ARM-based chip tops out at 123MHz and includes a graphics engine, camera interface and Memory Stick interface.