Day: July 17, 2003

  • The Tech of Feedster

    Scott Johnson has posted a great article about the tech of Feedster.  It’s definately worth a read, especially if you think that Feedster is a bunch of PHP scripts thrown together.

  • mjabber Does Not Work on My 3650

    Erik pointed to mjabber earlier today.

    I tried it out on my 3650 with no luck.  It locked up with Logging on.  Please wait...

  • Kensington WiFi Finder: Cheaper Than You Think

    Glenn Fleishmann’s article at the New York Times pointed out something about the Kensington WiFi Finder is only $30!  Not bad at all, I was expecting it to cost much more.  It might be fun at that price point.

  • 240-kbit Over EDGE


    TTPCom is using this week’s Wireless Japan show in Tokyo to demonsrtae a Class 12 Edge reference design that can achieve downlink data rates up to 236.8 kbit/s over an Edge wireless link.

    Obligatory PR fluff warning.  It is a nice achievement though.  The earliest anyone might see production hardware using TTPCom’s technology would Q12004.  Of course EDGE is a hack at best, but speed is speed.  It might not be true 3G, but it’s better than vanilla GPRS.

    It’s also interesting to note that high speed isn’t limited to only the downstream (in theory):

    For example, Matthews said designers can allocate three slots for the downlink and two slots for the uplink to achieve a 180/120 kbit/s downlink-to-uplink data rate ratio.

    This is all theoretical pre-production stuff, but it might be a nice crutch until 3G arrives in the US.

  • Multitasking

    Charles Miller:

    The maximum number of significant tasks I can work on concurrently is two.

    There’s always a difference between your optimal number of tasks and the number of tasks that you are required to work on.