Day: July 16, 2003

  • Notes From a Parallel Computing Workshop points to slides and notes from an introductory workshop and parallel computing systems hosted by the Center for Advanced Computing at the University of Michigan.

    I’m not in front of a machine that can read PowerPoint files right now, but I’ll definately be checking these slideshows out.

  • Interview With Moshe Bar

    Linux Journal posted an interview with Moshe “OpenMosix” Bar.  I really like this answer:

    MB: Most “clustering” companies really are cluster management companies. The reason why so few do real clustering engines is it is difficult to do them well. A few dozen Ph.D.s were done on openMosix over the last 20 years, and it shows in the quality of the code and its efficiency during operation.

  • PageRank

    It looks like I’m currently down from my listing on the top 10 for “Matt” on Google.  Here are my conclusions:

    1. The first rule of PageRank is that you do not discuss PageRank.
    2. The second rule of PageRank is that you do not discuss PageRank.

    I am Jack’s hypertext transfer protocol.

  • Runaway Jury

    I saw a trailer for The Runaway Jury while in the movie theatre last weekend.  I can’t say that it looked like the best movie coming out this fall, but I’m going to see it anyway.  It happens pretty much every time I see a preview for a movie from a book that I have read.  You’ve just got to see it.

  • Roundup: Moz, Perl, Digital and Tomcat

    Some of these links are a few hours out of date, but I’d like to get them posted anyway:

    • MozillaZine: “AOL has cut or will cut the remaining team working on Mozilla…”
    • Use Perl notes that is orange (at least for a few days).  I kinda like it.
    • Imaging Resource notes the announcement of the UMAX Powerlook 1000 and UMAX Powerlook 1120.  I currently have a UMAX Powerlook 3000 in the trunk of my car, but that’s a completely different story.
    • Matt Raible has been poking around Tomcat 5.0.4.
    • DPReview notes that Sony is announcing a new CCD sensor that incorporates four colors: RGB + Emerald.  From what I’ve read, it’s not really about improving megapixels, but improving image and color quality.