Day: July 15, 2003

  • Beattie on Python

    Russ was able to get a post up about his dabblings in Python.  It’s been really interesting seeing him play with Python for the first time after so many years of Java.  At more than one time, I don’t think he believed how easy getting stuff accomplished could be.

    Yeah, it’s crufty.  It’s just so easy to get work done though.

  • CA Gets Sonar


    New technology from Computer Associates code-named Sonar could provide CA customers with better knowledge of how applications, middleware, and databases work together. But the technology–meant to enhance CA’s Unicenter, eTrust, and other software–doesn’t yet have a clear path to market.

    This sounds like mostly marketing hype, but they did pick a cool name.  Of course, this is completely different than Sonar by Cakewalk.


  • A Bluetooth Keyboard For My Phone

    PocketPC Thoughts notes the lack of Bluetooth PDA keyboards out there or being worked on.  There are mentions of a few, but not many.

    I’d like to ask a similar question: When can I buy a Bluetooth keybord that I can use with my 3650?  T9 makes things much easier, but I long for the QWERTY.

    Of course the more sensible yet less sexy solution would be an IR keyboard.