Day: July 11, 2003

  • Giving Up

    Warner Vogels is giving up on his Sidekick.

    Read his entry to find out why.

  • Runtime

    Doug Kaye’s glossary is really excellent.  Here’s a new entry on runtime:

    The moment of live operation. Runtime is the point when a software program springs into action to perform a task.

    Follow the link for more.

  • Linus Turns to 2.6


    Torvalds, who founded the Linux kernel project in the early 1990s, on Thursday finalized the 2.5.75 kernel, which he said would be the last in the series. The 2.5 kernel, a development project aimed at experimenting with new technologies, will be integrated into the 2.6 kernel for use in finished products.

    Forward motion is good.  There are many goodies in 2.5 that I can’t wait to see on mainstream Linux desktops.

  • T-Zones Offers Unlimited GPRS For $9.99/mo

    I recently signed up with T-Mobile when I purchased my 3650.  I signed up for the $9.99/mo 10MB GPRS plan, but today I stopped by their website today and noticed that they had changed every mention of 10MB to Unlimited!

    Further details can be found on their T-Zones website.

    I am one happy camper.

  • Newest Wi-Fi Security: WPA

    WiFi Networking News points to Tom’s Need-To-Know: Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).

    WPA is designed to work in Enterprise situations with RADIUS and other authentication systems, as well as a simpler SOHO/home use system.

    Anything is better than WEP.

  • Quake II .NET

    Via Clemens Vasters, Vertigo Software has ported Quake II to managed C++:

    Now, in July 2003, Vertigo Software, Inc. is releasing Quake II .NET, a port of the C-language based engine to Visual C++ with a .NET managed heads-up display. We did this to illustrate a point: one can easily port a large amount of C code to C++, and then run the whole application as a managed .NET application using the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR) without noticeable performance delays. Once running as a .NET managed application, adding new features is easy and fun.

    The radar feature is pretty slick!