Day: July 10, 2003

  • Shoe News

    In other news, Nike purchased Converse today:

    NIKE, Inc. announced today it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Converse, Inc., the globally recognized footwear brand with nearly a century of sports heritage. The total price to be paid for 100 percent of the equity shares is approximately $305 million plus the assumption of certain working capital liabilities at the time of the transaction’s consummation.

  • Table Tennis Reloaded

    I’m sure they’re making the rounds, but Scoble pointed out a really amusing video: table tennis, Matrix-style [windows media].  Here’s another version for those that don’t have the Windows Media option.

  • Duron to be Renamed Athlon FX

    The Register:

    Farewell, Duron. Hello, Athlon FX.

    That’s the name AMD will adopt for its future low-end processors, if unnamed sources cited by DigiTimes are anything to go by.

    The Athlon FX will be based on the Thorton core, essentially a version of the top-end Athlon XP’s Barton core with half the cache: 256KB instead of 512KB.

    Somebody in marketing finally realized how stupid Duron sounded.  Tech geeks have known that since day 1.  Move along.

  • EPAL: Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language

    Information Week:

    IBM has developed a programming language for building software that automatically enforces privacy rules. The vendor, which unveiled the new Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language (EPAL) on Wednesday at the Catalyst Conference in San Francisco, says the language is more sophisticated than current privacy technology, including the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) specifications.

    Another item for acronym soup.  I hope that it helps and doesn’t just add another layer of complexity.

  • Feed Validator: Now With Pie

    Here’s an update from the validator formerly known as the RSS Validator and now known as the Feed Validator:

    The validator is now known as the “Feed Validator”, because it now supports multiple syndication formats with different names. (Previously it only supported the seven different formats called “RSS”.) Specifically, there is now preliminary support for Pie, based on the July 1 snapshot. As the format evolves, the validator will be updated to support it.

    Sweet!  Check out what’s new for the new version of the validator:

    It includes 225 new test cases for Pie, as well as the existing 326 test cases for RSS.

    This is definately a step in the right direction.  It’s good to have an authoritative answer on what consititutes a good feed, be it RSS, RDF, or pie (not echo).

  • Ultra Liberal Feed Parser

    Mark Pilgrim has added support for the 7/1/03 snapshot of the format that shall not be called echo in his latest version of his now ultra-liberal feed parser:

    Handles RSS 0.9x, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, Pie feeds

    You may now commence your consumption of pie/necho in Python.  Yum.