Action on Small Devices



I didn’t notice it until today, but released a tutorial in June: Designing and Writing Java Action Games for Small Devices:

This article explains the essentials of Java action game development: it shows how to design, implement, and tune Java games for small devices such as cell phones. We start with a quick discussion of common types of games, followed by the challenges presented in developing these games. Then, we work through two in-depth examples of game development, starting with a simple stand-alone game, followed by a more intricate, networked game. Section two covers the stand-alone game, while the third Section discusses the networked game. For both games, we start with a description of how to play the game, followed by an explanation of the game’s design choices, and, finally, we look at the details of the implementation of each game.

It’s more in-depth than your tipical ‘hey look at this’ article.  Screenshots and working code abound.