Move the Discussion to the Wiki



Dave Winer:

Interesting timing. Mark Pilgrim shuts off discussion in a thread, just as the light is beginning to shine, clear and bright.

Mark Pilgrim posted an example implementation of the RESTian (not)Echo API.  He also posts an XML-RPC implementation for comparison.  He turned off comments for a reason.  I think he was trying to get people to go over to the wiki and post their comments/questions/improvements rather than start a flamewar on his weblog.

Which one is more constructive?

Moderators: Please don’t mark this -1 (Flamebait).  It really shouldn’t be.  Granted, the flamable keywords are there: Winer, Pilgrim, Necho, REST, XML-RPC; but that’s not my intent.  Take the political aspect out of it (if that’s possible).  It’s all just angle brackets anyway.  It’s not worth getting upset over.