Day: July 3, 2003

  • The (Not)Echo API is Beautiful

    Joe Gregorio has posted an RFC for a (not)echo-based API.  It is a streamlined, simple (yet extensible) REST-based API.  It is beautiful.  It is good.

    I’m sure that little things will change while the format matures, but if the API looks as simple, clean, and useful as this, I’d endorse it 100%.  I hope that such a simple yet robust system can work for all involved.

    Think technical, not political.

  • Ebay Live! Journoblogger Coverage

    Photo by Leslie WalkerLeslie Walker at The Washington Post has a great article on a recent Ebay convention:

    ORLANDO — Gary Neubert made sure everyone knew his eBay trading name; all the better to sell to them later. The Tampa shipping-supplies dealer walked around the floor of eBay’s user convention here last week in a polo shirt with his auction-trading ID imprinted in large letters on the back.

    Photo by Leslie WalkerThe article is an outsiders view of some of the most elite sellers on Ebay.  These are the people that started off selling on Ebay part time and now have employees below them to handle their flow.  We’re talking people with 10,000, 30,000, and even 300,000 postitive feedback points.

    The article also has a photo gallery from shots that Leslie took around the conference with her digital camera.  Yes, that really is “Weird Al” Yankovic.

    Leslie is almost a reporting weblogger, posting pictures from her digital camera on the website of a major newspaper.

    Most webloggers fall in to the opposite category.  We’re reporting bloggers.  We were there, we took pictures, we observed what happened, we might have some insight.  We post it on our sites.  Others link to it.  There is a discussion.

    It’s no suprise that the lines are becoming even more blurred.  She gets paid, we don’t.  Or do we?

  • UseCases for Necho Are Compelling

    I could stare at the UseCases of echo for hours.  If this thing is done right, it could end up pretty much everywhere.

  • Best. Moblog. Evar!

    Sean Bonner’s mobile photo blog is absolutely amazing.

    It’s fine art among fingerpaintings.

    Also check out his main blog.

    I’ve subscribed to both his main and moblog feeds.