First Glimpse at Necho: All is Well



Sam Ruby:

I’ve taken a 2003/07/01 snapshot of the maximal example of the format previously known as echo.

Joel has an example up, as does Mark.  I get good vibes when I read these example feeds.  They’re clean.  Zen.  The question is, when this format stabalizes, will we be able to parse necho feeds in a simple way using a namespace-aware parser?  Is everyone going to produce well-formed and valid necho?

We shall see.  Looking at this spec freeze, I’m quite happy.  All of the political BS aside, this is good.  We have RSS, an entrenched syndication format that will most likely be used for years to come.  We also have (not)echo, a bleeding-edge format that will do syndication as well as posting and comments.  All is well in the world, at least for this brief moment.