Day: June 30, 2003

  • EDGE: GPRS on Crack

    Mobiletracker notes some software speedups that could change mobile phone internet access here in the States:

    Cingular has launched the world’s first EDGE network, oddly enough in Indianapolis Indiana. EDGE stands for Enhanced Datarate for Global Evolution and is a software tweak to GPRS . Data speeds peak out at 170 kilobits per second and average at 75-135 Kbps.

    That’s significantly more throughput than I can get on my 3650.  Aparently EDGE phones will also be able to work in a vanilla GPRS environment.  Quick slick, actually.

  • MyHeadlines 4.2.2 Released

    MyHeadlines 4.2.2, a security release, is out.  MyHeadlines allows you to embed content from sites via RSS using PHP and MySQL.

  • New Itanics Set Sail

    Intel officially released six new Itanics today.  SFGate:

    The Santa Clara chipmaker is offering three versions of its new Itanium 2s, each running at 1.5 GHz, 1.4 GHz and 1.3 GHz. Their wholesale prices are $4, 226, $2,247 and $1,338 respectively.


    In addition, Intel is also releasing three new Xeon MP microprocessors, each running at 2.8 GHz ($3,692), 2.5 GHz ($1,980), and 2 GHz ($1,177).

    Where did I put my Hammer, er, Opteron?

  • Katharine Hepburn

    It’s sad when someone like Katharine Hepburn passes away.

    It’s sad when anyone passes away.