WWDC Roundup



Yesterday was a fairly busy day, with lots of announcements from Apple.  My new Nokia 3650 also shipped, should be here by 10:30am.  Without further delay, here’s the roundup:

  • Safari 1.0 was released.  Dave Hyatt as always has coverage in his blog: Fonts in Safari and Safari Download Size.  With 1.0, developers will now be able to embed Safari in their applications.
  • MacNN has a roundup of the major announcements.  They also have more information on the new Powermac G5’s.  64-bit OSX, baby!
  • I spent part of the afternoon yesterday chatting with the guys in #mobitopia as well as hearing coverage from #openmac.
  • I’m a little dissapointed at the proprietary lock-in going on with iChat AV.  You can use AIM or .Mac, but if you use any of the new whizzbang videoconferencing options, you’ve got to have a Mac on the other end.
  • See also Scott Johnson’s rant entitled Apple, Panther and Paying Again for an OS Upgrade.
  • See also Matthew “Silent Penguin” Langham’s post on the subject.
  • MacCentral points to the Xcode environment, based on GCC3.3, sounds interesting.  More info about Xcode can be found at Apple’s Panther website.  It looks promising to me.
  • The new G5’s are just plain SEXY.  They start at $1999, so I doubt there will ever be one on my desk, but that shouldn’t stop me from dreaming about it, should it?