New 5 Megapixel 4/3 Digital SLR




0700 CET: Olympus has today officially announced the Olympus E-1 digital SLR. The E-1 is the first Olympus removable lens digital SLR, it’s also the first digital SLR with an entirely new lens mount. Instead the E-1 conforms to the ‘4/3 System’ standard with a standard 4/3″ type CCD (18 x 13.5 mm) from Kodak (five megapixel) and the 4/3 System lens mount. Olympus has also confirmed five ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses and three flash units.

I’m personally not thrilled with the Olympys 4/3 digital SLR.  It seems like a duct-tape quick fix rather than a real solution.  I hope it does well, I just don’t have a lot of faith in it.


Embargo lifted, check out their preview.